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Who We Are

We are a church that seeks to love God and love everyone everywhere. This is our purpose, mission, calling, and motivation. 

Our goal in doing this is to tell everyone about Jesus and to teach everyone how to live for him.

Our focus as a Lewisville church is on the people of Lewisville and the Triad.

Our desire is to see everyone everywhere believe in Jesus and live for him.

We seek to do all of this filled with and surrendered to the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, we want to do all this in collaboration with other churches because this mission is bigger than any one church. Such collaboration reflects the love and unity spoken of by Jesus in John 17:20-23

Ultimately, if it is said by those who interact with us that we are a church that loves Jesus and loves everyone, then we believe we are a good, faithful, fruitful, and healthy church as described in the Bible.

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