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Jonathan Miller - Elder

Jonathan is from Inwood, WV. Prior to moving to NC, Jonathan held a seat in the WV House of Delegates, where he met his wife Kimberly, and worked in the HVAC industry in WV and Virginia.

God called Jonathan into ministry in 2015. He then earned his Master of Divinity from Liberty University in 2019 and solidified his calling as a church planter and pastor.

In January 2020, God moved Jonathan and his family to Lewisville to further pursue God’s calling on their lives as a church planting family. They didn’t know what ministry opportunities lay ahead for them, but they followed God in faith having his peace about the move.

Upon arriving in Lewisville, God led them to Redemption Hill Church where they became members, small group leaders, and graduated from TCMI’s Church Planting Residency.

In August 2022, Jonathan and Kimberly were sent out by Redemption Hill Church to plant Lewisville Community Church in Lewisville.

Jonathan first believed in Jesus when he was 8 years old, and Kimberly became a believer in 2006. They have 1 daughter, Isabel, and 1 son, Michael. Jonathan works for a mechanical contractor in Winston-Salem, and Kimberly works for a law firm in Winston-Salem.

Email Jonathan at jonathan@lewisvillecc.com
Call or text Jonathan at 304.270.7764 
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